We constitute a team of visionary proffesionals for design communication and marketing strategy. The rules of advertising, design and marketing keep changing, and we like it that way, yet we do not ignore the importance of incorporating both competences and imagination in the process of creating a well-thought-out graphic designs, packaging, visual identity, interactive communication and advertising campaigns as well.

how do we work?

We believe that in the time of great competition, substitution and homogeneity of goods in the dynamically changing market a brand can only be recognised by its unique image. Therefore we start working on each project with learning about the project and understanding it, as well as its consumers and environment. We start with analyses and research that make a basis of creating a good strategy resulting in a big idea. In our work we apply the latest trends and modern technology, while fostering traditional aesthetic and functional values at the same time. We feel responsible for exerting a positive effect on the environment through our activities. We cooperate with our Clients to make them feel safe and comfortable. We support their brand and product to make them successful on the market.

crossmedia advertising,

or different media - one message: atl, btl, digital

Today, when messages interpenetrate in different media, when the double screen phenomenon has become popular, we believe that the most important thing is the integrity of the message of a creative idea. Despite using many different tools, media, we create a message in such a way as to give the recipient an impression of one coherent story about the brand. We build the relations of the brand and the consumer, both at the emotional and rational level, consciously using the specific character of the media.


or fine feathers make fine birds:
www - corporate identity - packaging

Just like fine feathers make fine birds and define one's status, style and character, design defines the brand. Therefore, the way the product's name sounds and, even more, the way its packaging, logo and website which are its showcase and a basic source of information look is so important. We see product communication as a whole, as each and every meeting of the consumer and the brand builds its image.

visual information systems,

or how to reach your goals

Everyone feels good in a friendly environment. We would like to be able to easily find our favourite shop in a shopping centre, have an easy access to the specialist in a hospital or a café in a museum. We create a friendly environment in which you can move easily by a properly designed system of codified messages.

The Delikatesy&Frykasy Agency was founded by Agnieszka Pacałowska and Adam Dudek. Agnieszka and Adam gained experience in the course of advertising industry development, since its very beginnings in Poland.

Adam Dudek
Agnieszka Pacałowska


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